SlimLine Wine is true artisan wine made from our own very special ‘Chateau Zero‘ World Heritage Site Vineyards in Piedmont. Our Vines were planted by us, they are cared for by us, and are always picked by our own hands. Every bottle of SL’M can be traced back literally to its roots.

We set out to create a great tasting, 0g sugar wine and we’ve created one that not only delivers but has been awarded for its taste against thousands of other wines.

About our wine

At SL’M we’ve created a zero sugar, zero carb wine, and – here’s the groundbreaking bit – it’s actually delicious. Delicately sparkling and not too sweet.

At just 11%ABV, 450 calories per bottle. That’s only 60 calories per glass — basically a cup of tea, and we know which one we’d prefer… As well as having no sugar, our wines are also carb-free.

They range between 10 and 11 percent in alcoholic strength and have around half the number of calories contained in a typical bottle.

We hope zero-sugar wines will appeal not just to slimmers, but also those with health problems such as diabetes. As well as ruling out added sugar.

The world’s first low-calorie, carb-free, sugar-free wine was met with such wild excitement, you’d think they’d discovered the Holy Grail rather than a PERFECTLY DRINKABLE red, white and fizz. 

Celebrating over 1,000,000 glasses of SL'M have now been enjoyed—
join us in the sugar revolution!