This healthy wine is definitely going to take your dinner parties to the next level this Christmas.

SlimLine Wine has launched a range of zero sugar and zero carb wines to satisfy all oenophiles out there.

At only 373 calories a bottle and with a selection of Super Sparkling White & Pink, Really Red and Crisp White wine, there’s no doubt this launch will interest anyone trying to avoid overindulging over the festive period.

Not only has this wine been made from the finest grapes to deliver high-quality flavours, but it also has an impressive ABV (alcohol by volume) of 10.5 per cent.

According to dietician and nutrition consultant Chloe McLeod, a medium glass of wine contains an estimate of 110 calories, with a bottle of wine reaching approximately 549 calories.

By cutting your wine-calorie intake in half, you’ll be doing your body a massive favour.

There’s no shame in spoiling yourself with delicious treats at Christmas.

However, a study has shown that many of us could benefit from becoming more aware of our eating and drinking habits around this time of year.

Research commissioned by The Chilean Blueberry Committee on the effects of consuming too much at Christmas found that 26 per cent of people know that they’ll end up drinking more than they should.

The study of 2,000 adults also found that the average adult will often take in 174 more calories a day than usual in the lead up to Christmas. 

SlimLine Wine prides itself on manufacturing wine that tastes great without having the same detrimental effect on your body that other brands of wine usually do. 

The Super Sparkling White & Pink wine costs £10.99 per bottle and the Really Red and Crisp White wine costs £8.99 per bottle.