Wine – white, red, sparkling white and sparkling rose.  Zero carb, zero sugar and only 55 calories per 100 ml glass.  Stop, stop – that can’t be right.  I must be dreaming??  Enter Slim by Slimline Wine.

Zero Carb, Zero Sugar Wine

I was asked if I’d like to sample and review a new wine.  This wasn’t an ordinary wine though, it claimed it was the world’s first zero carb and zero sugar wine.  Now that I had to try!

Weight Loss and Alcohol

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows how difficult it can be.  It’s not all about the food you eat.  You also have to count any drinks you consume too – whether that be coffee, soft drinks or alcohol.  So you stop drinking alcohol to speed up the weight loss and soon you’ve lost all motivation – or is that just me?

But here I was being offered a solution to all that.  I could still consume wine as part of my calorie controlled diet AND lose weight.

To be honest, my heart sunk a little.  I’ve tried low calorie things before and they might be ok, but they never taste the same as their high calorie counterparts.

Wine Delivery

I received two bottles to review – the Crisp White and the Super Sparkling White.  They were delivered the following day and the packaging was lovely.  Both bottles were individually wrapped in brown paper and tied with a gold bow.  I had to restrain myself from diving right in, as I had to get images for this post.

On unwrapping, multi-coloured glittery stars fell out, which I thought was as a lovely touch and really added to the feeling that there was something special about this product.

Photos duly taken, it was time to start sampling.  I have to admit to having a sniff before I took the first sip – not because I was trying to be pretentious but I did feel a little untrusting of this product and all its claims.  I was convinced that it wouldn’t look like wine, smell like wine or taste like wine. 

Slim Crisp White Wine

I tried the Crisp White first.  Now, I am no wine connoisseur.  My wine of choice is either Rose or White and I prefer wine that is on the sweeter side.  I was slightly worried that for my taste buds the Crisp White would be too dry.  It wasn’t, it was just perfect.

After the first few sips I completely forgot that I was drinking something that was zero sugar, zero carb and only 55 calories per 100 ml glass.  My Husband agreed – he too had expected something with a ‘funny taste like when you drink non-alcoholic beer’ but he actually found that he ‘couldn’t tell the difference between this and a normal wine’.  We couldn’t wait to try the next bottle.

I ended up having to wait almost two weeks before I could try the second bottle I’d been sent.  I came down with a sore throat, which developed into a chesty cough and then into a nasty cold.  I was off my food, couldn’t taste anything and decided it would be a complete waste to open the second bottle until I was better.

Slim Super Sparkling White Wine

I was most excited about this one as it was the Super Sparkling White.  I love sparkling wines and had high hopes for this one based on how much I had enjoyed the Crisp White.

It took us a while to get into the bottle.  The cork did not want to budge.  In the end, we had to cut the top off the cork and then use a corkscrew. 

It was worth the extra bit of effort. The Super Sparkling White was a lovely crisp wine with bubbles – just like a Prosecco.

Two bottles of slim wine with a mini chalkboard to do list saying drink slim wine

Too Good To Be True?

I was still quite untrusting of the claims.  There was no way it could be a ‘real’ wine if it contained no sugar and no carbs AND was low in calories.  Something had to be missing.  It had to be fake or full of nasty chemicals.  Maybe there was no alcohol in it either.

I began investigating and found the following information on their website:

  • It is the world’s first ever zero sugar, zero carb wine
  • It’s created using a special fermentation process
  • There are NO nasties added
  • The grapes used are from their very own vineyard in Italy
  • The alcohol content is the same as that of regular wine with an ABV of 10.5%

I honestly couldn’t find any reason why this wine couldn’t stand by all the claims it made.  Plus, on top of all that – it is Vegan too!

Drink Responsibly

It’s zero sugar and zero carb but definitely NOT zero alcohol.  At 55 calories per 100 ml it means there is only 412 calories per bottle.  Like I said – drink responsibly!

The Range

There are currently four wines in their range –Crisp White, Really Red, Super Sparkling White and a Super Sparkling Rose.  Prices range between £8.99 – £10.99 per bottle and delivery is charged at a reasonable £1.99 for two bottles of the same wine.  The wine can be purchased direct from Slimline Wine .

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An image of a bottle of Super Sparkling White Slim Wine

I was kindly sent two bottles of wine to review.  All opinions are my own.