All New Wines, all New store, everything better for you than ever before.

Welcome to the new SL’M Wine & Spirits Store, and for those of you who have not visited us before here’s a short ‘about us’ story.

A Unique multi-award winning Wine & Spirits Company.

SL’M Wines & Spirits are the only EU & UK accredited ‘Zero sugar – Zero carbs’ drinks and under each bottle here, and on your bottle at home, are the legal 0.g Sugar 0.g Carbs 0.g Sats 0.Fats & 80% less sulfites statements assuring you of our commitment to making the best ‘better for you’ drinks we can. You will find no such nutritional labelling on any other wine or spirit.

So let’s talk taste, we only make wines from premium grapes, we use Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Barbara and Merlot and only the finest quality. Well over 4,000,000 glasses have been drunk in recent times and this we think proves how good our wines are more than anything else.

SL’M Wines & Spirits are a lifestyle choice, whoever you are.

They are made for how we want to live today, better without compromise, on quality or flavour.

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The world’s first low-calorie, carb-free, sugar-free wine was met with such wild excitement, you’d think they’d discovered the Holy Grail rather than a PERFECTLY DRINKABLE  red, white and fizz. 

Light in colour, light to drink, its bursting with fruity flavour, I had hoped the lack of sugar would make for a clearer head the morning after, and amazingly, it did.”

Made with the finest grapes from the finest wine makers in Italy so that you can experience all the flavour and strength that a high-quality premium wine should have.”

‘Think you love wine? Well, you may just love it even more now as SlimLine Wine has launched!’

‘ It tasted delicious – nicer than prosecco and slightly dryer! It’s a great colour and completely guilt free…’

‘…here’s the ground-breaking bit it’s actually delicious’

Guilt free boozing…

This healthy wine is definitely going to take your dinner parties to the next level…

‘ You and your friends can spend more time savouring the taste and less time concerned about the sugar and carb content.’